Cup of the Day arrives in Trackmania

The beta phase of the Cup of the Day is coming to Trackmania! The first edition will take place on Monday, November 2nd starting at 7 PM CET (6 PM UTC). The Cup of the Day is a daily competition played on a brand new Track of the Day built by the community.

What is the Cup of the Day?

Every day the competition starts at 7 PM CET with a 10 minute Time Attack phase. At the end of this phase, players are sent to their match server which will be created according to their Time Attack standings. Up next is the Knockout mode, where the last player to cross the finish line in each round is eliminated. The winner is the last person standing!

How can I participate in the Cup of the Day?

To take part in the Cup of the Day, join the Track of the Day server (LIVE>Track of the Day>Today). At 7 PM CET, when the new map is revealed, you need to register for the competition and finish the map once before the end of the Time Attack phase. Registration starts at 7 PM CET and closes at 7:10 PM CET along with the Time Attack period. You need to have Standard or Club access to take part in the Cup of the Day.

Play the Cup of the Day and earn trophies

Trophies will be given to Cup of the Day participants according to their result in the KO mode. The winner of the highest-level server (top 64 players in the Time Attack phase) will earn a Trophy 7. The Track of the Day rankings is still here and will remain open to everyone until 6:59 PM CET the following day.

Join the fray to face players from all over the world on the most beautiful maps created by the community. Good luck & have fun!

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