GranaDy joins the Trackmania Grand League

The Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 players list is now complete. GranaDy is the 16th player.

We now know the 16 drivers of the Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021. 3 new players are making their first appearance in the Grand League: Binkss, Worker and GranaDy!

France remains the most represented country with 6 players. Aurel, Bren, Gwen and Papou are joined by two youngsters: Binkss and Worker.

With GranaDy’s entry and a new Grand League season for Massa, Germany is the only other country with several players.

Once again three continents will be represented this season with European players, but also CarlJr for North America and Mudda for Oceania.

Players list:

  • CarlJr (Canada)
  • Pac (United Kingdom)
  • Scrapie (Belgium)
  • Mudda (Australia)
  • Gwen (France)
  • Papou (France)
  • Aurel (France)
  • Affi (Switzerland)
  • bren (France)
  • Spam (The Netherlands)
  • Massa (Germany)
  • Kappa (Czech Republic)
  • tween (Slovakia)
  • Binkss (France)
  • GranaDy (Germany)
  • Worker (France)

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