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Experience the thrills of racing and the joy of creation for free!

Compete to top the leaderboards on more than 1000 tracks, with a new one every day. Take part of a community with millions of players. Play endless community-made events and tracks or express your creativity with the powerful track editor and social features!

The Summer 2024 campaign is out!

Play a new season every three months including 25 new tracks playable in solo and online. Collect medals & trophies, unlock prestige skins and climb leaderboards!

Discover the Summer 2024 campaign

  • Play for free on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 and Luna.
  • Have fun together thanks to cross-play and cross-progression.
  • Same 2 levels of access on all platforms: Starter and Club.

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Discover new content every day

Enjoy a new Track Of The Day (player-made track curated by Ubisoft Nadeo) every day, and play ingame Club activities created by players (campaigns, online rooms, competitions).

Explore tracks of the day

Play with friends in the Royal mode

Dodge moving obstacles, drive without brakes or underwater in the Royal Mode, where 60 players (3vs3) face off for victory, on regular new tracks created by the community.

Discover current Royal tracks

Joy of creation and customization

Create unique tracks with the powerful track editor (3000+ blocks). Customize your car with more than 2000 unique skins. Record and share videos of your best races.

Social gaming

Join your favorite ingame Clubs to access exclusive activities such as: play against world records on all tracks. Create your own Club to share your creations, organize your events and offer your members a never-ending entertainment.

Competitions for all levels

Join casual daily tournaments and matchmaking in the Ranked gamemode. Or face off against the best Trackmania players in the official esport events of the Trackmania World Tour.