How can you participate in the Open Grand League

Jan 26, 2021

The Trackmania Open Grand League is back on Saturdays for its third season! Once again, the competition is open to any player who purchased Club Access. The two best players of the season may be promoted into the next Trackmania Grand League Edition!

How does it work?

The Trackmania Open Grand League regular season consists of 6 steps which will take place every Saturday at 6 PM CET from January 30th. Join the competition in the Grand League Club before the start of the race to take part in the step. The map pool and map order are the same ones as the TMGL.  As with previous editions, you are allowed to stream yourself while playing the OGL steps!

Every OGL step starts with a placement match where you play 3 minutes on each of the 6 maps. At the end of these 6 maps, players are sent to their league match based on their performance during the placement match.

The league match starts with the same rules as TMGL (same maps, map order and point distribution). Challenger and gold servers will play all maps in the 6 laps version, 4 laps for the silver servers and 2 laps on the bronze servers.

Each week players collect points based on their final placements in their league matches. The top 4 OGL players at the end of 6 steps will be automatically qualified for the Open Grand League Super Final and players ranked from 5th to 20th will be qualified for the Open Grand League Final.

New Open Grand League Final system

The combine match no longer exists and is replaced with the OGL Final & Super Final which will take place on March 13th. The Final is a classic 6-lap step played on the 6 maps picked for the final map pack without points loss. The best 4 players move up to the Super Final alongside the best 4 players already qualified after the regular season.

The Super Final will be played in rounds mode on the 6 same tracks but with only 2 laps to finish a round. 3 rounds are played on each track and at the end of the 6 maps, the best 4 players move up to the Head-to-Head phase.

The Head-to-Head will take place on March 21st to determine who may step up into the Trackmania Grand League. OGL Super Final seed 1 faces 4th and seed 2 meets 3rd seed. Winner of each match may qualify into the Trackmania Grand League. The Head-to-Head will be played with the new Final mode!

Good luck & have fun to all the Open Grand League players! All the information you need to know is in the official rulebook!

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