Welcome to the club


Free access

Experience the thrills of racing and the joy of creation for free!

Discover the first tracks of the new seasonal campaign every quarter (solo and online).
Play with your friends in the Ranked matchmaking mode.
Compete against 60 players (20 teams of 3 players) in the Royal mode.
Play with your friends in local multiplayer (hotseat & split screen).
Experience player-made tracks in the Arcade Channel renewed every hour.

Top the leaderboards and unlock rewards

Play anywhere thanks to cross-play and cross-platform.

Express your creativity

Create custom tracks with more than 3000 3D blocks and items.
Record and share videos and images of your best races with the replay editor (PC only).
Create your own car skins with the skin editor (PC only).


Voice and text chat.
Race against your personal best times (ghosts) on all tracks.
Join a local server (PC only).


Everything from Free Access, plus for 1 year:

Get the best racing experience with full campaigns, top-notch community activities and customization features.

Access more than 1500 tracks including ALL full official campaigns ever released and keep them forever.
Enjoy a new player-made track (Track Of The Day) curated by Ubisoft Nadeo every day.
Compete in the Cup Of The Day (daily competitions).
Play against world records (ghosts) on all tracks.
Play Club activities created by players (campaigns, online rooms, competitions, rankings).
Participate in Trackmania official esport events.

Unique ways to socialize

Customize your car with more than 2000 unique car skins.
Customize your name with Club tags.
Create your club to organize your own club activities.
Share 3D items and car skins in your club (PC only).
Create your LAN parties with the local server (PC only).
Host online rooms on Ubisoft Nadeo dedicated servers, or on your own (PC only).


Get your tracks highlighted in the Track Of The Day with track review.
Advertise your club activities to all players.
Display the 5 best players rankings in front and behind you on all tracks.
Play against Club VIP's best times (ghosts) on all tracks.
Play a custom track in local play.
Remove ads.