A rollercoaster season for Gwen

Mar 4, 2021

We could have expected Gwen to fight for the regular season win this year after an extraordinary Fall 2020 season where he dominated the regular phase for his very first appearance in the Grand League circuit. The Winter 2021 season was actually more complicated than before for the Gameward player who scored his first big points in step 4. He was on the edge before the last step of the season, but he managed to do a great step and secure his spot into the Final.

In the previous edition, Gwen was looking to win the TMGL with his first participation. The youngest player of the field qualified himself with ease in Final 6 then Final 4 and even Final 2 where he faced the reigning champion CarlJr. His debut season wasn’t his first win, but Gwen is unquestionably one of the fastest Trackmania players! Before the Final, we asked him a few questions.

You dominated the Fall 2020 regular season, but it looked to be harder for you this year. Were you able to prepare in the same way?

My preparation wasn’t the same at all. The Fall 2020 edition it was my first season and I had a lot more pressure which helped me to play better than today. In my opinion the level was also lower, especially in the last steps.

Despite a more difficult regular season for you, do you think you can wait for the Final 2 again and maybe win?

The Final format is much more suited to me. I’m much more comfortable when it comes to being fast for 2 laps than when it comes to being tough for 6 laps. If my training is good, I think I can aim for the Final 4 at least.

Who will be your toughest opponent this year?

For me and for everyone else I think the hardest opponent to beat will be Pac. He is insanely fast and makes very few mistakes.

Thanks to his 4th place in the regular season, Gwen will be able to pick the 1st map of the Final 9 phase. As a reminder, The Final will take place on March 14th from 7 PM CET live on Twitch!

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