Mudda qualifies himself in the Final for his first season!

Mar 5, 2021

Like Gwen and Affi last season, Mudda was able to secure a spot in the Final for his first TMGL appearance. Four months ago, the Australian player was battling to join the TMGL circuit in the Open Grand League, and he proved in the regular season that he can be a contender for the win.

With 3 map wins, 8 podiums, 1 flying lap and 102 points in his bag, Mudda had a successful first season. Playing the Final between the top Trackmania players will be a new challenge for the Edelweiss gamer but he knows this format as he already finished 2nd during the final mode as part of the combine match to join the Trackmania Grand League! Before the Final, we asked him a few questions.

This is your first TMGL appearance and already your first final. Tell us how this regular season went for you.

I was happy with my performance & results in the Winter 2021 season. I scored a few map wins, potential to win a couple of steps. I feel quite proud to secure a spot in the finals. I also feel like I improved a lot as a player over the course of the season.

Before the start of this edition, did you think you could reach the finals in your first season?

Yes, I felt confident in my skill set from the beginning to be able to finish the season in the top 8. A large chunk of my confidence comes the Penguin Army (fanbase) cheering me on. Having Phoebe as a mental coach was a confidence boost as well, especially after our success in the OGL Fall 2020 Season.

The Step and the Final formats are different. Will you change your approach for The Final?

Absolutely! I have the least experience in endurance based formats, which requires a different balance of pace, risk & consistency. I also have only 6 months of competitive experience on multistyle maps. I will work together with Phoebe to utilize my strengths and find the right approach for the Final.

The Final will take place on March 14th from 7 PM CET live on Twitch! Mudda will be followed by Yannex for Edelweiss!

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