New features for the TMGL 2021-2022 circuit

Sep 13, 2021

The Trackmania Grand League 2021-2022 circuit is about to start with 3 major events throughout the year: TMGL Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons and the TMGL World Cup 2022.

The Grand League circuit will start with the TMGL Fall 2021 from October 17th. This first season will end on December 19th before a winter break.

TMGL Spring 2022 will take place from February 20th until April 24th. Finally, the Trackmania Grand League World Cup will be back from June 11th to July 3rd, 2022 with the 8 best players from both previous TMGL seasons and 8 players qualified through the Open Qualifier.

New year, new rules!

Starting with the Fall 2021 season, TMGL will be thoroughly revised with many new important things to know! The regular season will be 8 weeks long compared to 6 weeks before. Each step will include a total of 5 maps with a brand-new track every week.

The game mode itself will radically change. Players no longer lose their points and a whole new system is introduced. From map 1 to 4, players will collect points according to their results.

While these 4 first tracks are played in 6 laps, map 5 will be played in 2 laps with 8 rounds. A player who wins one of the 8 rounds will muliply their points according to which round they won. The later the player wins, the higher the multiplier points and the risks are. All the details of this new system can be found in the rulebook.

Please welcome the Trackmania Grand League: Challenger

The former Trackmania Open Grand League has also been revised for this new 2021-2022 circuit with two separate competitions from now on: the Trackmania Grand League: Challenger (TMGLC) & the Trackmania Grand League: Open (TMGLO).

The Trackmania Grand League: Challenger is a new closed league with 16 players which will follow the TMGL calendar and rules. TMGLC is based on a promotion/relegation system from the TMGL and the TMGLO. Find all the information about TMGLC in the updated rulebook. Player composition will be available this Saturday at 6PM CEST.

“Since the BETA season and the creation of the Trackmania Grand League, establishing an esport accessible to everyone was our top priority. Open Grand League allowed players such as Affi, Gwen, Mudda and many more to compete against hundreds of other competitors and prepared them to the highest level. Though, Trackmania Grand League: Challenger will bring more stability in the circuit by allowing the future champions to compete under the exact same format, maps and dates as the 16 best players in the world. We also strongly believe that this is the best way for us to train the champions, teams and casters of tomorrow through this exciting and challenging new league.”

Omar Benabdallah, Esports Manager

New name and new rules for the Trackmania Grand League: Open

As the name suggests the Trackmania Grand League: Open is open to everyone. The rules of this competition have been completely revised to be more accessible to all players.

The point loss system disappears for a much simpler format based on a 6-lap race on each one of the 5 maps. TMGLO will still be played on Saturday afternoon with a 1-week delay compared to the Trackmania Grand League.

The 2021-2022 circuit will be launched on October 17th with the Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 Step 1! First map pack will be released on September 19th.

Update about TMGL subdivisions (14/09/21)

The new 2021-2022 Grand League circuit rulebook has been released to the public on September 13, introducing the new Trackmania Grand League: Challenger and its additional rules.

While the league was received positively by most of the players, the regional slot lock imposed in order to guarantee a diverse player composition was a topic that was brought up quite a lot.

We acknowledge that playing for a powerful country and not being able to have a guaranteed promotion while performing at your best is something that can have a huge negative impact on the player’s motivation.

That is why, after hearing the community’s feedback, we determined that the best three players from the Trackmania Grand League: Open will automatically qualify to the TMGL:C without any regional lock. The 10 players participating in the TMGL:O vs TMGL:C match will still be subject to it.

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