14 organizations involved in the Fall 2021 season

Oct 2, 2021

14 teams will take part to the Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021. Two players are still Orgless, but this situation is still subject to change before the launch of the season.

Third consecutive season for Alliance and Spam. The 2012 World Champion played all previous Trackmania Grand League editions and always finished in the top 10. For the first time, the Dutch player didn’t qualify himself for the playoffs last season, but it is certain that he will come back more motivated than ever for this new competition. Follow Spam’s journey on his own Twitch channel!

ALTERNATE aTTaX will make their first appearance in the Grand League with a new player: GranaDy. The German rising star will represent a German organization. You will be able to follow a wheel player and ALTERNATE aTTaX Grand League debuts on GranaDy’s Twitch channel.

After two successful Grand League seasons and an amazing World Cup final, the Swiss association Affi & Team BDS is back for this new season. Wingobear who followed Affi’s amazing journey in TMGLWC will also continue to broadcast for Team BDS on his twitch channel.

Berlin International Gaming and Massa will continue together in Fall 2021 season. The German player and his organization never missed any Grand League edition since the beginning of the competition. Streaming wise, TrilluXe will once again host the cast for the third consecutive season.

Edelweiss joined the Grand League one year ago with Yannex as a player and the Swiss structure is now supporting Mudda who joined the TMGL last season with a great final 4th place. Mudda will be back for his second season while Yannex is still linked to Edelweiss as a streamer for this new season.

Papou is one of the strongest TMGL players of the field with a 2nd place in BETA season and two 4th places (Winter & Fall 2020). For the fifth consecutive season, the French player will be a GamersOrigin driver. Once again, Lutti will cast on his channel for GamersOrigin!

Gwen and GameWard joined the Grand League circuit one year ago and the French association almost won their first Grand League season. Gwen will be once again one of the top contenders this year. Streaming side, this is still to be announced.

Aurel always reached the playoffs phase in every Grand League season he took part in. The 22-year-old driver will continue his journey with GAMINGPRIVE.COM and his performances will be broadcasted by the Norwegian streamer Majijej.

Please welcome a new organization to the Trackmania Grand League: IziDream. New team but also new player as Binkss will make his TMGL debut this year. The French player was already an IziDream athlete when he defeated Soulja in an intense Head-to-Head game. Dofla & Cocow will follow Binkss in the commentary booth on Dofla’s Twitch channel.

Fall 2021 will be the third season for the Karmine Corp and bren association. bren reached the Final for the first time since the BETA season last Winter. Follow bren with the one and only Kameto on his own twitch channel.

Lille Esport is the third and last new organization in this Fall 2021 season. Worker will be Lille Esport’s player this season. The French driver made a strong impression in the last Open Grand League regular season for his first appearance. Ayako will be Lille Esport’ streamer for this Fall 2021 season.

The Beta season champion Kappa remains a McLaren Shadow driver the second consecutive TMGL season. Winter 2021 edition was difficult for the Czech player who didn’t manage to reach the Final for the first time in his Grand League journey. Kappa & McLaren Shadow bounced back this summer with a final 3rd place at the World Cup! Once again, Kappa will be followed by GGeek on McLaren Shadow Twitch’s channel.

Pac joined MNM Gaming at the end of the BETA season and the 100% British duo is back for another season. Pac is undoubtedly one of the fastest Trackmania drivers this year. 2nd in both TMGL Winter 2021 & World Cup, the 2016 World Champion has only be beaten by CarlJr this year.

Will the success story continue for Solary & CarlJr? The Canadian athlete already won 3 Grand League editions (Winter & Fall 2020, Winter 2021) and the Trackmania Grand League World Cup 2021 under Solary’s colors. His adventure will be broadcasted on Solary’s twitch channel.


Two players are currently orgless: Scrapie and tween. This situation could change at any time and both players are still able to find an organization to represent. Scrapie finished 3rd in Winter 2021 edition. His regular season was tough, but he won the Final Chance and did an amazing performance in the Final. On his side tween finished 12th in the last edition but still managed to win 2 maps and set 3 fastest laps showing he is still one of the fastest Trackmania players!

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