Mudda wins the TMGL Spring 2022 season

Apr 25, 2022

Mudda (Edelweiss) won his very first Grand League title, beating CarlJr (Solary) in the Final 2.

What a journey for Mudda! The Edelweiss player, who managed to win the regular season two weeks earlier, beat CarlJr in front of 70,000 spectators! This was the most intense Final 2 we have ever seen in Grand League history.

Both players drove at their best all night long and everything was decided in the last possible round, for 6 thousands of a second only! The Australian athlete carried more speed in the last jump and overtook the most prestigious Grand League player on the line.

Final 2 scenario doesn’t get crazier than this. Mudda won the first two maps and had a match point on map 3. But CarlJr is CarlJr. The Canadian fought back, winning both maps 3 and 4. Everything would be decided on TinyGap for an epic head to head. The rest is history. Mudda wins his first TMGL Crown, beating CarlJr 3-2 in the Final.

Just before the Final 2, we already had one of the most intense match ever in the Final 4. Mudda was the first one to qualify for the last step, while CarlJr managed to beat Pac and bren. All 4 players put on an amazing show for us to watch, with very fast and close rounds, always driving at the limit. Mudda even set a new world record on Quicksand. Former champion Pac took the 3rd place, bren is 4th and equaled his best TMGL result (he already took the 4th position in Beta season).

These 4 players beat mime and Kappa in Final 6. It’s Kappa’s best result since the Winter 2020 season while mime impressed for his first TMGL season. The Polish player performed very well in Final 9, being the first player to secure his spot.

Aurel (7th), Affi (8th) and Massa (9th) didn’t manage to qualify in Final 6, but all of them can already be focused on the next and final step of this 2021-2022 TMGL Circuit: the World Cup.

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