Trackmania, One Million Trees: help us to win the vote

Jun 6, 2022

The Green Game Jam was started in 2020 as a competition between game studios looking to add meaningful actions into their existing games to combat climate change. During the Jam, mobile and console studios from around the world embark on a journey to capture their players’ imagination and attention through new content in the form of “green activations”, or in-game climate actions, around a specific climate change-related theme.

“Trackmania, One Million Trees” is a “by players, for players” activation to raise awareness about the positive impact of planting trees.

“Using Trackmania as a platform to learn and share about the current various environmental problematics and solutions was for us an opportunity to push once again our commitment towards our planet. Trackmania’s community has always been engaged in everything they create on our game and that is why it felt right to collaborate with them towards such an important goal. We believe that working around players’ creativity to share emotions, knowledge, and ideas with other players is a powerful weapon that should be used for greater goals,”

Omar Benabdallah, Live Producer at Ubisoft Nadeo.

We will be organizing a « Green Week » based on our most popular content among the community, the « Cup of the day ». From July to September, a community contest will invite all creative players to create green tracks and share within the tracks their knowledge about environmental challenges and potential solutions (through specific displays, 3D items, vocal messages, and dynamic content…).

We will also provide sources of information allowing players to learn more about environmental stakes and encourage streamers to raise funds for planting trees via Ecologi, while streaming the “Trackmania Green Week”.

The 7 best of them will be selected for the “Trackmania Green Week” starting on October 3rd. Ubisoft Nadeo will provide a set of preset macroblocks with various trees to boost players’ creativity.

The goal is to collectively plant One Million Trees in total!

For every 10 trees planted in the game, Ubisoft Nadeo will distribute 0.10€ to Ecologi, so as to plant up to 34.500 trees.

Help us win the player’s choice award by voting for Trackmania here:

Results to be annonced on June, 29th!

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