Send in your Green Game Jam maps before September 11th

Aug 17, 2022

Less than a month left now before the end of the map submissions for the Green Game Jam! The deadline has been brought forward by a few days. You can send your maps before September 11th – 23:59 CEST in the Green Game Jam club.

Trackmania, One Million Trees is a “by players, for players” activation to raise awareness about the positive impact of planting trees. Since July 11th and until September 11th, you can send your map(s) onto the review server, located inside of the Green Game Jam club.

The 7 best tracks of this activation will be featured as a Track Of The Day during the Green Week from October 3rd to 9th. Usual Cups Of The Day will take place on these special maps which convey a positive message about reforestation and the importance of trees for our planet.

As a reminder, here are the criteria your maps need to fit to be considered for the Green Week:

  • Share knowledge about environmental challenges and potential solutions (through specific displays, 3D items, vocal messages, and dynamic content…)
  • Playable by all players, despite their skill level. Track must be respawnable
  • Between 45s and 1 minute long
  • Make sure your track is playable on lower end systems
  • Path and scenery must be attractive, but the track NEEDS to convey a strong and clear message about the positive impact of planting trees
  • The map must not be published elsewhere than on the review server (Club rooms/campaigns, Trackmania Exchange, social medias etc.)

You can find many sources about the theme of the contest in this previous article, but you can obviously use other sources as well. If you have any question, you can ask them on the dedicated channel in the Trackmania’s Discord server.

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