May 2, 2023

A new Trackmania update has been deployed with different UI improvements and some bug fixes.

Coming next: Trackmania on console! We will give you more detailed information about the release date in a near future!

Full changelog:  

– New Trackmania access page design.
– Fix medals not showing in Training campaign.
– Improve home scene display.
– Improve spectated player UI.
– Improve map review activity popup design.
– Improve skin uploads activity popup design.
– Add a latency test in the settings so you can test your hardware latency.
– Fix Super Royal victories not counted in the Ubisoft challenge.
– Fix mute icon in voice chat not updated correctly.
– Improve visibility of the server message UI for accessibility.
– Improve visibility of the timer in Royal for accessibility.
– Fix wrong team winning in Ranked when the team leaves.
– Add previous/next player binding for gamepad.
– Add a button to open the Ubisoft Connect profile of a player.
– Remove the old setting menu in the top navigation bar.

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