Winter 2024: Update and changelog

Jan 9, 2024


  • The Royal game mode has been updated, please visit for more information
  • Updated the wood surface for tracks older than the 9th of January. For more information, please visit
  • Changed the acceleration of the stadium car on the wood. It goes faster at lower speed (<100km/h).
  • Panels have been adjusted to the 1.55 (64:41) ratio instead of 16:9, meaning the size of the panel is now a multiple of 1024×656. Same for the Stadium club asset, it is now asked to upload 2048×1312 images instead of 1920×1080. Tracks are now using a new Stadium and a new mood (48x48Screen155Sunrise, 48x48Screen155Day, 48x48Screen155Sunset, 48x48Screen155Night). The podium has also been updated. To use the new mood on an old track, you can ctrl+click when opening the track. If you created a game mode and show something in the stadium or podium screens, we recommend changing the AttachId from “16x9_Stadium” or “16x9_StadiumSmall” to “155” or “155_StadiumSmall”. The current 16×9 images in clubs will be resized to this new ratio.
  • Changed to the business model, please visit for more information
  • Updated home background 3D assets for Winter season
  • Improved the preloading of the campaigns images to have a smoother menu
  • Decreased the upper limit of players when creating a local server to 235
  • Improved the transformation transition into the Snow car in splitscreen and cam 3
  • Improved the animation of the wheels the Snow car on the ground
  • Updated EndMatch UI in Ranked mode to fit the new DA


  • Added new Royal, Ranked and Winter 2024 prestige skins
  • Added colorization to the snow items
  • Added action keys on consoles and Luna
  • Added Club theme for AC Mirage


  • Fixed crashes on Xbox and PlayStation when leaving Cup of The Day
  • Fixed no pilot in the stadium car during a replay
  • Fixed stadium car instead of Snow car in replays
  • Fixed old ManiaPlanet menu appearing when leaving COTD
  • Fixed crash when setting deadzone to 0.9
  • Fixed netcode for LAN servers
  • Fixed respawn camera for Snow car
  • Fixed 3 SetPlayer_Delayed_ functions doesn’t affect the snow car
  • Fixed Gamepad Track Editor crash when returning to editor after placing certain decorations and testing
  • Fixed Zoom not working with mouse scroll in gamepad editor
  • Fixed several decoration Macroblocks having a broken air variant in gamepad editor
  • Fixed missing icon for an obstacle Macroblock in gamepad editor
  • Fixed squad members divisions and score display after switching mode Royal/Ranked
  • Fixed access to club themes on PC
  • Fixed the gradient and visual of the club campaigns library button
  • Fixed coming back from the store in the campaign popup would come back to the parent page
  • Fixed COTD message not appearing when it was ongoing
  • Fixed featured campaign buttons not opening the correct campaign after a research
  • Always display the correct display name and not the Ubisoft name of track authors

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