Affi qualifies again for the Final

Mar 3, 2021

This was a new strong season for Affi & Team BDS. The Swiss player participated in his second TMGL season and once again qualified himself for the Final. Like the Fall 2020 edition, he finished 5th in this Winter 2021 regular season and was more consistent throughout the 6 stages. He didn’t win any maps this year but lost very few points.

During the previous Final, Affi managed to secure a spot into the Final 6 by eliminating two former world champions: Kappa & Spam. Before the Final, we asked him a few questions.

How do you analyze this regular season where you lost very few points?

Consistency was definitely the key this season, and I’m super happy that it allowed me to get into the Final. Having 4 out of 6 steps where I scored important points was an improvement compared to last season where it was only 3 steps.

In the Fall 2020 edition you managed to qualify yourself into the Final 6. What will your goal be this season?

The goal was once again to reach the final phase and to qualify for the world cup. Now, I will just try my best to get as far as possible into the Final even though the format is not playing in my favor, but anything can happen!

Frozen Fridges, Reversing, Slalom, Picicle & Arctic Split will be the final mappack. Is it a good mappack for you?

I know I can be fast on that type of track, but it will be for sure really hard to get these 1st places when having some players like CarlJr Gwen or Pac that are definitely a step above me on that type of map.

The Final will take place on March 14th from 7 PM CET live on Twitch! Affi will be followed by Pacifae & Cousin for Team BDS!

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