Can CarlJr claim a third TMGL crown?

Mar 7, 2021

Champion of the last two TMGL editions, CarlJr had not won the regular seasons before, having been beaten by Papou in Winter 2020 and Gwen in Fall 2020. The Solary player did win the regular Beta season where he was able to finish all the 50 maps in the top 8!

This year, he only finished twice outside of the top 8, losing only 24 points in the whole season. It’s a real achievement from the Canadian player who is once again one of the strongest contenders for the final victory. CarlJr won his head-to-head battle last season against Gwen for the Fall 2020 crown and it looks like he might be able to reach the Final 2 phase again! Before the Final, we asked him a few questions.

You scored big points in every step this season. Do you feel stronger than the past seasons?

I don’t think my level is better than last season. I put around the same time as I did in the Fall season. I think the reason why I have better results is that the maps suit me better, they are shorter, and they are easier, so I learn them faster than the previous maps.

You finished almost all the maps in the top 8, but you won less than in previous seasons. How do you explain this?

Just by the fact that I adapted my gameplay to the system. It’s better to be consistent and always be in the top 8, so that’s what I trained to do. I played it safe to be in the top 8 and I didn’t focus the top 1.

Pac was dominant in the regular season, but you still won it. Will he be your toughest opponent for the win?

Pac was unbelievable this season. The map pack suits him very well, so he’ll be the player to beat. I also think he would have been the toughest opponent on any map pack in this Final, that’s just how good he is.

Thanks to his 1st place in the regular season, CarlJr will be able to pick the 4th map of the Final 9 phase. As a reminder, The Final will take place on March 14th from 7 PM CET live on Twitch!

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