Spring 2023 campaign out on April 1st!

30 mar 2023

The Spring 2023 campaign will be the 12th seasonal campaign available in Trackmania from April 1st. 25 new tracks with a very special and fun atmosphere to get ready for the console release!

New season means a new official campaign in Trackmania with 25 new tracks to race on and 100 additional medals to earn for free! Spring 2023 campaign focuses on fun and creativity with tracks designed to be welcoming for the future console players. Thrills guaranteed throughout this 25-track long campaign!

The brand-new seasonal Prestige Skin will also be available with this upcoming update on April 1st, 5 PM CET. Beat the campaign and Track Of The Day’s medals to unlock this new evolutive skin. Will you be able to reach the final level by the end of the season?

This seasonal campaign comes with some in-game improvements. You now can choose your driver morphology in the garage, a new club creation UI has been created as well as a new reporting tool. 150+ new blocks are available now in the track editor, offering many new possibilities for your tracks!

Every Winter 2023 players will receive trophies according to their final rank, in the campaign ranking but also in the Matchmaking. The best Trackmania World Tour teams from this season matchmaking standings will get points to qualify for the World Championship!

From April 1st 5 PM CET, new Spring 2023 campaign will be available for Bronze and Silver ranks in  Ranked 3v3 gamemode when Trackmania World Tour Stage 2 tracks will be used for Gold, Master and Trackmaster players.

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