The Trackmania World Tour is the annual esports circuit of Trackmania, composed of various worldwide competitions opened to everyone, from top professional to amateur players and teams.

Driven by sport and unity values strongly supported by the game for more than 15 years, the Trackmania World Tour offers a unique, exciting, and easy to follow esports show for its viewers.

The Trackmania World Tour 2023 kicked off in January with Kaporal, the first official sponsor to join the adventure and becomes even more captivating with the World Championships and its two additional prestigious hardware partners: Alienware and AMD

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How it works

Major milestone in the development of the global Trackmania esports scene, the Trackmania World Tour 2023 will take the game’s competitive scene into a fresh direction with a brand-new format built around two versus two matches.

With this new format, the Trackmania World Tour aims to build upon its existing professional ecosystem while providing exciting new team storylines and challenges as well as a clear path to pro everywhere, for everyone.

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