20 years of Trackmania: Update and changelog

Nov 21, 2023


  • You can now transform your Stadium car into the iconic Snow car from TMO. New specific gates to transform into the snow car or to transform back into the stadium car have been added in the blocks and items. All effects from Trackmania affect the Snow car as well. The color of the Snow car is set by your favorite color from the settings or the team color set in the game mode.
  • A new gameplay material: the wood! You can almost turn indefinitely and your speed builds up over time.
  • Add block helper for the new transformation gates.
  • New stadium look for the 20th anniversary.
  • Beating an unranked player in Time Attack now gives the correct number of trophies.
  • Fix custom time with a mod.
  • Fix double slowmo triggering with gates.

Track Editor

  • Add 60 Wood road and new Snow themed macroblocks to Gamepad Editor.
  • Add missing blocks to Gamepad Editor (mainly Multilaps, Obstacles, Curves).
  • 100+ New blocks and items:
    • 2 new panels ThemeSnow
    • 63 new blocks:
      • 2 Transitions
      • 47 Wooden Roads with the Snow theme
      • 2 Extendable Transformation Gates
      • 2 Ring Transformation Gates
      • 9 Cliffs Decoration
      • 3 Cliffs Decoration to Platform Transitions
    • 42 new items:
      • 10 Transformation Gates into the Snow Car
      • 12 Special Gates 24m-long
      • 1 Checkpoint Gate 24m-long
      • 1 Gate Support
      • 6 Bridges
      • 5 Temple Roads
      • 3 Temples
      • 3 Lamps
      • 1 Barrier


  • Add the Snow car in the Home Page with a switch animation with the default car.
  • Add the access to the solo Track of the Day when it’s accessible for free by Starter Access players.
  • Add a Club theme for Captain Laserhawk to be used in your Club.
  • Highlight the three featured club campaigns in the campaigns library.
  • Add a preview image to the campaigns library and Track of the Day buttons.
  • Show a loading spinner when retrieving data for the redirection from the splashscreen to improve the loading.
  • Show 25 tracks in the live campaign room pop-up instead of 10 tracks.
  • Improve the preloading of the splashscreen’s image.
  • Update the translation of the favorite color in the settings and the garage.
  • Change the opacity of the campaigns library button and the TOTD buttons for better readability.
  • Increase the player limit from 100 to 250 on the local server creation page.
  • Fix the password popup not showing up correctly.
  • Fix forbidden club tags script crash.
  • Fix the description of the “Opponents’ car customization” setting, it also affect our own car.
  • Fix bug on adding and removing squad members while switching squad type (from Ranked to Royal).
  • Fix superposed labels in rooms.
  • Fix the plane reflect in the matchmaking lobby.
  • Fix the range for sensitivity (minimum is back to 1., less than 1. was not used in the engine) and dead zone.
  • Fix a softlock occurring when the list of area cannot be retrieved.


  • Add Japan prefectures.
  • Add missing US Territories.
  • Add region Donauwörth, Bayern, Germany.
  • Move Guatemala and Panama into North America (same as all central American countries).
  • Update flags for German regions.
  • Add country flags to region without flag.
  • Reorder North Macedonia at the right place in the zone list.


  • Add Fall 2023 campaign in offline mode.
  • Add a new achievement for the 10 first tracks on Xbox.
  • Fix crash on Captain Laserhawk tracks or any track using CustomModTrans or CustomModTrans2.
  • Fix a crash which could happen when using the voicechat.
  • Fix TTS in in-game chat.
  • Fix lags for records with a high replay length.


  • Add a function to set the AttachId of a layer in the Layers2 library.
  • Add a function to disable the default podium screen layer in the modes.
  • Check that the User exists before using it in the ScoresTable.

Tags: Nadeo , trackmania , Ubisoft , Ubisoft Nadeo